PenstockThis is a term that probably came from Britain. It refers to a gate that controls the flow of water and is operated by a stem (or spindle). There are many variations used. In Australia penstock is pretty much the generic name. In New Zealand if the penstock is light weight and does not have a top seal it is often called a slide gate.

In America a fabricated penstock is usually called a slide gate and a cast iron penstock is usually called a sluice gate.

Because of the variations available, we have an enquiry sheet that can be filled out and forwarded to us.

It is important to talk to the experts early in a project. Remember, we do this sort of work all the time. We can identify issues that you may not have considered. We can suggest cost savings or operational efficiencies.

There are two basic models:

  • F35 is for wall mounting and has a top seal
  • P1000 can be either embedded or wall mounted and does not have a top seal

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