Flap Gates

AWE 15 Flap gate spigot mountFlap gates, tide gates, flood gates are all common terms for a gate that prevents flow back up a pipe.

AWE gates have a resilient seal on the frame. All hinge arms have dual hinge points which is a critical aspect of tight sealing. Features are noted in the recommended specification below. It should go without saying, but
flap gates must work. There are many installations where AWE gates have been installed to replace existing Flood Gates or Tide Gates, even Duck Bill type gates. All AWE products are leak tested in the workshop prior to

Flapgate specification

Flapgates may be circular, square or rectangular as the case may be, provided they seal the opening. Suppliers must be able to provide headloss charts or curves. Whether flange or spigot mounted, they shall have the following features:
AWE 18a Flap Gate Wall Tahuna
• Dual hinge arms, each with dual pivot points
• Stops to prevent the flap overturning
• Distance between hinge arms approximately equal to clear opening width
• Net density in excess of 2.5
• Neoprene seals of durometer hardness 50-70
• 316ss hinge pins in double shear
• Ertacetal (or equivalent) bushes
• Marine grade if aluminium
• Grade 316L if stainless steel
• Unaffected by ultraviolet component of sunlight
• Suitable for operation where there is estuarine wave action


AWE 17 Flap gate wall mountThe design closing head shall be ______m.

Note: It is important to specify the head that the gate will be exposed to as well as anything else such as pumped flow. Pumped flow applications must be designed for a minimum velocity to ensure that the hinge pins have an effective life.

AWE Flap Gates brochure (345K)

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