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Some commonly used terms:

Actuator – electric, pneumatic, oil hydraulic, water hydraulic
Embedded – frame is recessed into either the wall or floor
Invert – bottom part of the frame
Lift – handwheel, geared operator
Non-rising stem – the stem is fixed to the lift or actuator nut and turns relative to the door. The lift nut is often on the gate
Off seating – water pressure pushes penstock off the wall
On seating – water pressure pushes penstock onto the wall

Operating Floor Level – Floor level at the operator’s feet
Pedestal – stand onto which is mounted the lift or the actuator
Rim Pull –Force required at rim of handwheel to operate penstock
Rising stem or spindle – the stem rises through the lift or actuator and is bolted to the door. It does not rotate
Self contained – the penstock is shipped to site with a complete frame and does not require assembly
Stem guide – ensures that the stem is supported at adequate intervals to prevent buckling. (usually L/r Top seal – is required over any opening or pipe in a wall but not required in channels
Wall mounted – penstock is bolted to the wall with 316ss and chemical anchors complete with backing nuts and the gap between the wall and penstock filled with non-shrink grout

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