Australian Water Engineers is a niche market supplier of flow control equipment. If it bolts to concrete and it is made from a non-ferrous material, then AWE are the experts to.

Engineering expertise is considerable and is based on many combined years in the industry. Manufacturing expertise revolves around a core of experienced tradesmen who have been manufacturing in the industry for many years. State of the art technologies are employed both in processes and materials, with a strong focus on product development.

The company is owned by its managers and staff. All are therefore strongly committed and motivated to succeed by being the best in the business and providing the best service.

All are committed to the environment with a proportion of all profits used to the improvement of the water environment and all power used at the factory is 100% renewable.

AWE products can be complex, but it is our business. It is what we do. Any enquiry is welcome and in fact encouraged. It gives us a chance to show off what we know.

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