Stop GateThis is the generic term applied to a hand operated board with no stem or handwheel. In most circumstances the stop board is made of marine grade aluminium to keep weight to a minimum. If the board can be lifted by crane, there is no limit to its size, but if it is to be lifted by hand the upper practical limit is 40kg which is 20kg per person for two people lifting the board.

When the mass exceeds 40kg (or a lesser number specified) the boards are segmented and lifted in and out with special lifting ladders.

Seals are on the frame. Their design life is in excess of 50 years. AWE seals are UHMW Polyethylene with a coefficient of friction of 0.15. For hand operated boards this is extremely important. Rubbers such as neoprene or EPDM have a coefficient of friction of 0.7 which increases the lift forces dramatically.

Seal on gate designs are available but they are not recommended due to the damage that usually occurs when the board is not in action.

Invert seals are neoprene in various grades of hardness to suit the weight of the board.

Frames are either 316ss or marine grade aluminium. The 316ss is P1000 heavy duty unistrut and the aluminium is our proprietary extrusion which is much thicker to give comparable strength to the aluminium.

Leakage rates of AWE stopgates is less than 0.1L/min/m of perimeter seal. Many times they have been demonstrated to have zero leakage at full board water pressure. The join on segmented gates is a little higher.

Models are:

  • P1000SS – stainless steel frame, stainless steel board
  • P1000SA – stainless steel frame, aluminium board
  • P1000AA – aluminium frame, aluminium board

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